Advertising Awnings Contact Us Gallery Products Dreamcast Home Due to fibreglass been so versatile, it has been used successfully in the interior design and architectural structure industry.  The final product is aesthetically pleasing, as proven undoubtedly by the extensive use in many architectural projects. Architectural and Interior Design

 Not only can fibreglass be attractive, it can be functional too and has been used in many decor and interior design applications, both interior and exterior.

Different finishing techniques can be applied to the fibreglass product to create a multitude of effects.

Fibreglass decorative cladding such as columns, eaves, panels and gutters can enhance the appearance of a building on the interior and exterior.

Other Products

We also manufacture interior panels for trains, protective housing for cabling, scrubbers, machinery covers, wheel arches, fan covers, aerial markers and other fibreglass products for your industrial needs.

Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your product.

Industrial Products

Aerial Baskets

We manufacture non-conductive aerial basket to fit a range of vehicles.

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Products such as planters, pots, vases, shelving, display units, seats, chairs, tables, fountains , shop fittings and much more can be made because fibreglass is so versatile.






We have started our own range of Interior Décor under the name Bubblegum Basement. All will be revealed at this years JHB Decorex: 9-13 August 2017.